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90% of all millionaires become so through owning real estate

With it's ability to earn consistent income, track record of long-term appreciation, and capacity to diversify an investment portfolio, real estate is used by many smart investors to build wealth.
Real estate features a unique combination of short-term and long-term earning potential. 

My first home was a run-down fixer upper. After renovations and hard work, my property value increased by $160,000.
Since then, I have helped dozens of home owners and investors establish wealth through real estate investing and design.


Understanding the Local
Market and Trends
I can help you determine if flipping is a smart investment in your area, or introduce you to areas where potential investments can be more profitable. With real estate market conditions always shifting, I'll use my expertise and up to date knowledge to guide you throughout the process.  
Finding the Right House to Flip
The biggest mistake that flippers make is, paying too much for the house they plan on flipping. Finding the right house to flip is the most important decision you'll make throughout the entire process. Bargain inventory doesn't last long on the market, since the number of real estate investors has increased. My connections and resources allow me to find more potential flips than the average agent. As your agent, I will perform daily searches for the right buy and I will negotiate the purchase to maximize your profits.
Interior Design & Construction 
As a certified designer and experienced renovator, I'll provide market-driven tips on spending your remodeling dollars. I'll assist you in making your design selections allowing you to get the most bang for your buck. Not only does my design certification provide me with discounts with multiple vendors, but I also familiarize myself with what Buyers are looking for in their new home- and share both of these insights with you. 
Setting the Right List Price
As a flip-experienced agent, I know to keep an eye on market trends during the remodel process. Reviewing the most recent comps and assessing the value, I'll help set the right list price and factor in your expenses to ensure that you recoup your investment and make a healthy profit too.
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